Monday, April 16, 2012

The Mnemosyne Weekly: Poem Seven (Ryan)

Photo by Alan Dep

This week, we have the witty, whimsical, and profound poet, Sarah Sarai, and her witty, whimsical, and profound blog, My 3,000 Loving Arms, to thank for our selection, "Green Behind the Ears," by former US Poet Laureate, Kay Ryan. Here is a wonderful interview with Ryan, in case you'd like to know more about her:

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Here ya go. Enjoy!

Green Behind the Ears

I was still slightly
fuzzy in shady spots
and the tenderest lime.
It was lovely, as I
look back, but not
at the time. For it is
hard to be green and
take your turn as flesh.
So much freshness
to unlearn.

Kay Ryan. From The Niagara River (Grove Press), collected in The Best of It (Grove Press).


  1. Thanks for posting, Melissa. Kay Ryan is a mistress of compression, isn't she!

  2. Indeed! Thank you for suggesting her!