Sunday, May 6, 2012

Author News

The Accolade
by Edmund Blair Leighton 
Oil on canvas, 1901 
(in the public domain in USA copyright term of life of the author plus 80 years or less)

Many thanks to the redheads of Redheaded Stepchild magazine for bestowing the honor upon me of accepting my poem, "Integrating the Shadow," for publication in their Spring 2012 issue.

I realize that while I've been happily sharing the news and works of others, I've been neglecting to share my own author news, and I vow to be more on top of this from this point forward. I want to mention that my poems "Bareback Alchemy" and "Killing the Moth" were also recently published by Open Road Review and Red Fez, respectively. You can find them on the Bareback Alchemy sidebar under "Short Reads and Listens."

As well, I was recently interviewed by Monica Brinkman and Oana of It Matters Radio. They were delightful and lovely hosts, and I'm looking forward to visiting with them again soon. I'm sure there are many more wonderful events and publications I am forgetting, so let me just say I have been living an exciting and vibrant author's life this past year and loving it! If you'd like to know more about what I've been doing, and what I have forthcoming, please feel free to visit my WEB site at, where you can find a more complete list of links to events and publications.

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