Monday, February 4, 2013

The Mnemosyne Monthly: Poem Forty-Three (Shikibu)

Izumi Shikibu

This month's Mnemosyne poem, by Izumi Shikibu, comes from The Ink Dark Moon and is translated by Jane Hirshfield, who I will interview this upcoming summer for Tiferet Talk. If you're not familiar with her work, Izumi Shikibu is a mid Heian period Japanese poet and a member of the Thirty-six Medieval Poetry Immortals--a group of Japanese poets chosen by Fujiwara no Kintō as models of Japanese poetic ability. Because of her numerous affairs and marriages and the passionate nature of her writings, Izumi Shikibu became known as The Floating Lady. Enjoy ...

                                                   In this world
                                                   love has no color
                                                   yet how deeply my body 
                                                   is stained by yours.

                                                   --by Izumi Shikibu

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