Friday, April 25, 2014

Tiferet Talk with Molly Fisk

I'm so excited! This Tuesday I get to talk with Molly Fisk AND Donna Baier Stein. We'll be talking about Molly's essay collection, Blow-Drying a Chicken, as well as her poetry and other work. Here's a great blurb from John Updike: "Molly's voice is crisp and decided yet relaxed and just close enough somehow...and the pieces all are impeccably shaped and written. Fearless, clear-eyed work."

And I can attest that Blow-Drying a Chicken is delightful, and Molly's poetry is brave, skillful and beautiful.

Donna Baier Stein will be joining me as the new co-host of Tiferet Talk!

Details Here:

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