Friday, November 18, 2011

Six Weeks to Yehidah Named 1st Place Winner in Forward National Literature Awards

As I announced on Facebook earlier today,  I'll be running through the streets naked and tossing leaves and flower petals into the air (metaphorically). Six Weeks to Yehidah won the first place Forward National Literature Award for Middle Grade Chapter Books and will soon have a groovy seal! The News Release with the other winners is listed below. Now, that's what I call a great start to the weekend!

Nicole Akkerman
Contact: Nicole Akkerman, Forward National Literature

Nov 15, 2011
In conclusion of its first annual writing contest, Forward National Literature is now pleased to announce the inaugural winners of the 2011 Forward National Literature Award. A jury of experts from the publishing industry selected a combination of previously undiscovered and well-known authors based on the content, uniqueness, and readability in eleven distinct subject categories. The goal of this award is to provide published authors, both up-and-coming and previously accomplished writers, with recognition and to highlight writing of excellence.

First Place Winners
General Fiction     Author: Patricia K. Lichen
    Title: Kidnapping The Lorax
Picture/Children’s Books    Author: Lee Wardlaw
    Title: Won Ton
Middle Grade/Chapter Books    Author: Melissa Studdard
    Title: Six Weeks To Yehidah
Teen/Young Adult    Author: Nicole Izmaylov
    Title: The Dracian Dance
Fantasy    Author: A. C. Crispin
    Title: The Price Of Freedom
Mystery    Author: Joshua Graham
    Title: Darkroom
Romance    Author: Carole Matthews
    Title: The Chocolate Lovers' Club
Historical Fiction    Author: Talia Carner
    Title: Jerusalem Maiden
Humor    Author: Bill Kirton
    Title: The Sparrow Conundrum
Drama    Author: Susan Wingate
    Title: Drowning
Short Story Collections
    Authors: M. Izmaylov, A. Fuller, K. Morgan, et al.
    Title: The Emory Pulse

Second Place Winners

General Fiction    Author: Michelle Izmaylov
    Title: The Galacteran Legacy
Picture/Children’s Books    Author: Giles Paley-Phillips
    Title: The Fearsome Beastie
Middle Grade/Chapter Books    Author: John Booth
    Title: Wizards
Teen/Young Adult    Author: Ian Alexander
    Title: Once We Were Kings
Fantasy    Author: Scarlet Black
    Title: Salem Moon
Mystery    Author: Bill Kirton
    Title: The Darkness
Romance    Author: Reid Lance Rosenthal
    Title: Threads West
Historical Fiction    Author: Gerald Blumenthal
    Title: The Brass Compass
Humor    Author: Mark Everett Stone
    Title: Things To Do In Denver When You're Un-Dead
Drama    Author: Kimberly Kinrade
    Title: Forbidden Mind
Short Story Collections    Author: Alan Davis
    Title: So Bravely Vegetative

We would like to thank the 2011 judges, including:

Diane Nelson
Fran Lewis
Max Leonard
Risha Patel
Dellani Oakes
Cynthia Brian

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